Our Services

Canine to Five was created with three things in mind: your beloved dog's well being, health and comfort.


Our daycare program is built to help your dog grow in three core areas: Fitness, mental stimulation and socialization. We are the first daycare to offer FitBark - a device fitted to your dogs collar that will let us monitor their health and fitness levels. This technology will allow you to monitor and check in on your dogs activity while at daycare.

Here at Canine to Five, safety comes first. Rest assured, every pup will be equipped with a GPS tracker connected to our mobile device. We are Walks 'n' Wags certified in basic Pet First Aid and Off-the-grid First Aid as well.

We strive to provide an environment where your dog can reach their full potential and be a dog without the worry of how they will do in a huge pack of dogs. Because we have a limit of 6 dogs per person, we're able to interact with your dog more closely to reinforce positive behaviors. Our daycare is primarily popular among high energy dogs who need more than a run to be happy.

Let your dog be a dog! Hiking, running, climbing and swimming are all a part of the fun filled days we provide! Our dogs enjoy the day whether there is rain, snow or shine. Your dog will give us 'four paws up'!


  • All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (DA2PP "annual combo vaccine" & bordetella "kennel cough") Titers are accepted.
  • All dogs must practice a basic "heel" on leash and reliable recall. Dogs are not let off leash unless in a permitted area, instead we use long leash lines.
  • Older puppies are welcome, we will work with them on basic obedience throughout the day to ensure they grow to be good, happy dogs!
  • You are welcome to pack dog booties, a lifejacket for your dog, backpack or any other equipment. We do not permit the use of prong collars.
  • It is recommended your dog come to daycare fitted with a collar and your contact information. We will otherwise provide a collar with our contact information for your dog.

$27.00 per day + GST, drop off/pick up locations (or at your home) available at little to no extra cost.

*Please inquire within for discounts on two or more dogs from the same family, or multi-day package deals.


We believe you should be closely connected with your pup while they are in our care.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram  to see what your dog is up to!



Boarding for all dogs should be stress-free. We saw a need to offer dogs the same comfortable routine during boarding as they have at home. Canine to Five offers in-home style boarding for your pup and specialize in long term stays. Your dog is in the best hands here and becomes a part of our family! Your dog will enjoy joining us on daily adventure hikes and/or private walks, swimming, running around the yard and finally winding down for a snuggle with us by the fire in the evenings.

Orthopedic Casper dog beds are provided for bed time, if your dog or pup feels more secure in a crate or is going through training, we are happy to provide a comfortable crate too! All dogs eat and drink out of slow-feeder bowls to prevent upset tummies after eating and drinking.  Stress and anxiety are greatly reduced in our home environment. Our home boarding program creates a safer, happier stay for your beloved dog. We take care to make sure your pup feels at home!

What to bring?

  • Blanket or towel from home with your scent on it.
  • Any chews (bullysticks, bones etc.) to keep them busy during quiet time.
  • Medications (if needed) are administeredat no extra charge.
  • It's best if you provide your dogs food while s/he boards with us to prevent any tummy upsets. Raw fed diets are welcome! We can accommodate special diets & allergies.
  • It is always a good idea to bring a folder of your pets medical records from your vet. In the case that anything happens, we will be able to provide the vet with your pets full medical history. 

*We are only able to board dogs who do well with other dogs and cats (we have three resident cats who love dogs!). Please note that proof of vaccinations (DA2PP, "annual combo vaccine" & bordetella "kennel cough") are required upon booking. Titers are accepted.

$39.00 per night + GST , drop up/pick up available.

*Please inquire within for discounts on two or more dogs from the same family and longer stays.


Does your dog need some one on one time but doesn't do well in doggy daycare? Is your pup older or enjoy one-on-one attention? We have the solution! We understand not all dogs are fit for daycare - but still need love and exercise, too. Let us provide your dog with enriching walks that will keep you and your dog happy!

*All private walks are on-leash only. We do not visit public dog parks for safety purposes. Available by appointment only Monday-Friday, weekends are available upon request.

Contact us for packages!

30 minute walk - $23.00 +GST
60 minute walk - $33.00+GST


Has your dog spent too much time rolling in the dirt, or worse? We are happy to offer basic grooming services for our daycare and boarding clients upon request! Nails, ears, brush out and shampoo are included. Enjoy coming home to a clean, fluffy dog after his/her boarding stay or week at daycare.

*Please note we do not clip fur/mats out. 

*Large dog (up to 85 pounds) - $69.00 +GST

*Medium dog ( up to 50 pounds) - $55.00 +GST